Realize your dreams of wealth by aligning your money with meaning. Realize your dreams of wealth by aligning your money with meaning.

“As an advisor, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing people articulate their visions, take leaps of faith to achieve their goals, deal with numerous setbacks along the way, and ultimately find a sense of joy and well-being that is what wealth is all about”

~ Sue Stevens

The Dreams of Wealth™ series.

The Dreams of Wealth™ series explores the role of personal finance in transforming lives and realizing dreams.

2022 Winner - Independent Press Award - Personal Finance Series

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
Financial Planning Diagnostics
Financial Planning Literacy
The Financial Bridge
  • Brian PortnoyBrian PortnoyFounder, Shaping Wealth

    The four books that constitute the Dreams of Wealth™ series are a tour de force in articulating the relationship between money and meaning. Sue compels us to think about our personal and subjective “why” right along the seemingly countless tasks in keeping our money lives straight. I’ve never before seen anything like Dreams of Wealth.

  • Bob VeresBob VeresFounder and Editor, Inside Information

    Sue Stevens has a rare gift for helping people join the most exclusive club in all of humanity: the one hundredth of one percent of all of us who understand what we really, truly want out of our lives, and who have a plan for achieving the things that are most precious to the deepest part of ourselves.

  • Pam KruegerPam KruegerCEO and founder of Wealthramp

    For years, Sue Stevens has been quietly changing the way people think about building and
    managing wealth, and now the world is finally catching up.

Get started on your Dreams of Wealth™ journey.

Practical guidance and tools to envision and execute on building your dreams of wealth.

  • Dreams of Wealth - Before we start to think about the building blocks of personal finance, let’s take a moment to think about what you want. Read More
  • Money & Meaning - By taking what you have right now, envisioning your goals, working steadily on your plan, you can watch your dreams take shape. Your journey can be extremely rewarding and can happen at any level of wealth. Read More
  • Financial Literacy Self-Assessment - Run through this checklist and pat yourself on the back when you’ve taken steps in the right direction. Prioritize what you want to tackle next and be more aware of what you don’t know—yet. Read More

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